Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lego Family Portrait!

Over at Craftster they're doing a Hoopla A-Long.
Our organizer posts a prompt for the month and we stitch up whatever 
comes to mind for said prompt.

May was "A Few of My Favorite Things".

I stitched my little family as Lego Minifigs!

Yes, that's Morgan as a Mermaid!

Will is super into Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
Now he says he wants a shirt like this in REAL LIFE!
He was modeled after the Fred Weasley minifig.

Morgan had some issues with hers.
She doesn't like that she's a mermaid and the only one without glasses.
Too bad for her having great eyesight!
Morgan was inspired by Ginny Weasley.

Lee was incredibly easy. There just happened to be a
doppelganger minifig of him! I think he's doing some 
Lego modeling on the side.....

Mine was loosely based on Molly Weasley. 
Her smirk and eyebrows mostly.

As for the base fabric, I've been playing around with layering lately.
Muslin is SO transparent, why not make that a strength?
I like how this red floral gives a muted polka dot effect.

So, I've realized this may be the way to go for family portraits.
No one's eyes are closed or sticking their tongue out (MORGAN!) and
I don't have a double chin!

This is a "win, win" situation.

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  1. oh blairsey this turned out AMAZINGLY!!!!!
    i could go on and on about how fabulous it is, i absolutely love it!! seriously! it's complete perfection!!
    you better not be planning on putting this in your craft room, it deserves to be front and center upstairs!


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