Thursday, May 16, 2013

Evil Queen Spats of the10th Kingdom

Oh that Evil Queen (played by Dianne Wiest) is so very fashion forward.
Her color palate of purple and green jewel tones call to me.

I sewed up some spats inspired by her for the 10th Kingdom swap.

I totally believe she would sport these under her massive cloak. 
It would not do to soil one's footwear whilst stomping on hopes and dreams.....

This is my inspiration image.
Isn't she magnificent?

Here are a few more close-ups.


The green fabric is upcycled from a baby dress of Morgan's. The black scrolling was already part of the skirt.

I lined the spats with some purple satin found at a garage sale. 
I think I was originally going to make a superhero cape, but there ended up to be not enough.
Spat lining it was meant to be!

Sewed in some ribbon for sassy bows, which make them very adjustable...and sassy.

I've got to say, these colors are very reminiscent of Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent for me. 
Perhaps it's why I'm so drawn to them....

Sometimes I like a "good" bad guy


  1. these are so much fun!!

    (and oooh maleficent... she's sooo my favorite!)

  2. Magnificent I say!


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