Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mug Rugs!

Just realizing lately...
I've been making quite a few Mug Rugs for swaps lately.
The last one was for an actual, stand alone Mug Rug Swap. 

Here's the Mallrats Mug Rug.
Made for the Spell Your Name Swap, I applied it to the letter "A".
"Askewniverse warm comfort drink Accessories"

That kid is BACK on the elevator again!

Back of Mallrats Mug Rug.

Next up is a bittersweet mug rug.
I was in the Star Trek Swap and the package I sent was declared by the post office "Dead Mail".
This was one of the casualties.

Capt. Picard Mug Rug.
Our Beloved Capt. loves his tea. He loves it HOT!
The Molecule pictured is THEANINE, found in black tea.

The replicator abides.

Kudos to Joann Fabrics for making rad fabric available!!!

Speaking of Rad Fabrics, I love the Key Fabric also found at Joanns.
This was made for an ACTUAL Mug Rug Swap.
My inspiration was Steampunk and to make one big huge Teesha Moore style patch: 
At least one that would be streamlined enough to set a hot cuppa on without it tipping over.

One of my many attempts at Steampunkery.

The back I sewing machine quilted some steampunk, right?

My partner's colors were earth tones.

The goggles were painted on in the Fabric Marker watercolor technique.

Zippers for Trim!
This was inspired by a past craftster post the partner had made
of some super cool steampunk lace/zipper cuffs she crafted up.

I LOVE a good mug rug!
It just seems to make the kitchen counter a little more cozy.
(also I spill a lot. ;) )

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  1. wow! those gears are amazing! nice stitchery my friend!


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