Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Shaun the Sheep!

All the kids I know (including my husband and me) can't get enough of Shaun the Sheep!
For my niece's birthday everyone had to get some Shaun love...

I made the head alone for the 1yr old
All the cousins got GOOGLY EYE pouches
(Like Amy Sedaris, I love me some GOOGLIES!)
The Willster got Shaun himself
Aww he loves him so

Won't you watch you with me?

Everything was well received and That Will still loves his Shaun. A big accomplishment there with how often kids change their minds....
If you've never seen the glory that is Shaun the Sheep I highly recommend even get to see some fancy red underpants every once in a while.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adventure Time Angels!

Crafted by the ever fabulous omgitslisa on craftster!

I've always believed in karma to a certain extent...but recently I had it slap me in the face.

In the good way.

At there are these swaps one can sign up for. I'm addicted to them and tend to do quite a few. I always try to bring my crafty "A" game because, for me, it's more fun to find that perfect thing to make someone than to make something for myself.  I'm a giver...snort snort!

Just look at the crispness of Finn and Jake!
In a recent swap 2 lovely ladies, we've been calling them my Adventure Time Angels around the house, asked if they could send me a little something (without sending them anything back no less!) because my partner(s) and I were kind of mismatched skill-wise. (I'm downplaying this a bit, humbleness requires I do.)
I can't tell you how special I felt! My work was noticed and appreciated! Now I want to extend the notice and appreciation. 

She has an etsy shop Fuzzy Stars Studio so please check it out if you get a chance!!!

Just look at the precision stitching!
Lisa, your karma level has been leveled up like crazy and thank you ever so much for being AWESOME!!!!
Adventure Time 4 LIFE!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrift Store Score

This week I went to "The Thrift".
Actually it was Goodwill but my friend Melissa puts the word "the" in front of everything.
I love this practice.

But I digress...

I went to The Goodwill and my favorite find was this:

It's a Cowgirl Bracelet!
Kind of reminiscent of those Italian Charms DIY Dimensional Magic creations.
I loved the images. So fun, and nothing I've ever been drawn to before.

I'm going to take it apart to super clean and restring. After that it's GIDDY UP! TRUCK YEAH!
**That last is a tip of the Cowgirl Hat to my friends Heather and Melissa (same cool chick I mentioned above).

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Facebook got me thinking....

Made by me...except the barrel of monkey sock. That was from

"I'm extra proud to be a knitter today! My feet are freezing and I KNOW when I get home there are handknit cozy wool socks waiting for me... And Earl Grey- him hot!!!"

This was just some random thing I posted to facebook yesterday.
Today I can't stop thinking about it.

I AM proud to be a knitter! I'm also proud I taught myself.

I'm proud of the friendships I've made from knitting/crafting.

I'm proud my kids have an appreciation for handmade things. I've even heard the phrase "Oh we could make that" come from my 5yr daughter's mouth.

I'm proud that I can give things a new life through crafting. (most recent example: Morgan's Halloween costume was an adult size 6 dress altered down to a little girl size 6)

Summing up, I'm proud I can feel proud of myself.
Who knew facebook could do that?

Oh, and Earl Grey IS hot!