Thursday, August 29, 2013

Howl's Moving Castle/Say Anything Mashup!

I think this may be my last item crafted for the Miyazaki Swap.
It turned out to be my favorite.

"I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen"

Done as a kind of journal art page, I used watercolor color pencils, scrapbook paper, the hardy boys book for the words, and my sewing machine.

Spoilers about "Howl's Moving Castle" ahead...
You've been warned!

Mr. Turnip Head was a "watchmen" of sorts and he fell in love.
Same old story, the gal had eyes for another.

My craft swap partner had in her profile that "Say Anything" was one of her favorite movies.
I'd say our Mr. Turnip Head had a touch of Lloyd Dobbler in him.

Sewing on paper gets more and more fun the more I do it!

Revisiting this journal page is making me want to see if there's a kickboxing class around...
Kickboxing. Sport of the future.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Calcifer Hat!

Here's the Calcifer Hat I made for my craft swap partner, DaphadillyArt's daughter!

Calcifer is a character from the Miyazaki movie "Howl's Moving Castle"

He's a fun little fireplace fire (voiced by Billy Crystal) and a major plot point.
Keep your eye on him, he's feisty!

The yarn used was 3 strands of worsted weight from my stash in yellow, red, and orange.
The pattern was The Longford Hat on
It calls for Bulky, but I wanted to get a flame flickery look so 3 worsted knit together did the trick.

Calcifer's Eyes are 2 circles of white felt haphazardly stitched on with 
white embroidery thread. I needed to do that stitching loosely to 
accommodate for stretching of the hat when worn. 

Buttons for the pupils sewn on a bit wonky...
Because lets face it, Calcifer is indeed 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Chihiro Name Card Needlebook!

I sewed this up for the Miyazaki Swap...
DaphadillyArt was is major need of a place for her needles.
She was leaving them in the arm of her couch and forgetting about them...

In the Miyazaki movie "Spirited Away" our heroine Chihiro held on to a card
her friend had made to remember her name.

Here's the inside. I stuck decorator weight cotton, flannel, and felt for the needle "pages".

It's a really cool movie, Spirited Away. I recommend it...
but maybe not for the faint of heart.
Go forward, brave souls and immerse yourselves in something new and WILD!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teen Titans Light Switch Plate!

Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go have become huge around the house.
It's even been decreed I make some costumes for Halloween. 
(we'll see if they're made or bought. eek!)

So when The Nerd Games Battle Royal came up I thought Will 
could use a super cool Lightswitch Plate.

July Battle Royale: DC v/s Marvel 50pts
(Sadly, Marvel won that month.)

I even had to make a few impromptu puppets as
I can't find any reasonably priced action figs for the kids.
Also, any excuse to use the laminator!

Here's an action shot of the Switch Plate.
I decoupaged the "group pic" then used my handy dandy
Oil based Sharpies.
I was very happy how I could get the screws to blend in for 1 color. 


Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodnight (that's no) Upcycled Marker Caddy!

I sorely needed a place to put my Sharpie collection:
Enter, the Summer Nerd Games for Inspiration Rescue!

June Fandom: Super Fans 45 pts

FandomSuper Fans can tell you every detail, back-story, and aspect of their Geekdom.  Craft like a Super Fan by creating something that is either extremely detailed or has hidden aspects that you must take a closer look at to see.

Inspired by Star Wars Episode 4 when our rogue hero, Han Solo, is

flying the Millennium Falcon toward what he thinks is a small moon...

Here's a little presentation of all 4 sides.

If you peek closely...
Yes Virgina, there IS a Death Star in that window!

Goodnight quiet old Jawa whispering hush...

Goodnight nobody.
(Here's where you can see the Pizza Roll box I haphazardly primed over.)

Goodnight little Wookie.

He's a cute little guy!

Materials used: 
1 Totino's Pizza Roll box 
(the big one from Sam's Club)
Primer Paint
Oil Based Sharpie Markers.

I just love upcycling and crafty "in" jokes!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Minion Crowns from TP Rolls

How to make Minion Crowns from Toilet Paper Rolls
Silly Minion time occupier.

Every Minion needs a crown, at least that's what Miss Morgan would have you believe...

Materials Needed
Toilet Paper Rolls
McDonald's Happy Meal Minions
Willing Raucous Kids 

1. Get Your Materials rounded up

The TP rolls fit the Happy Meal Minions the best.
I make no promises for other sizes. :D

(Look, they're not smiling!)

2. Cut the TP Rolls in half

3. Take your scissors and cut a zig zag across one edge

Ta Dah!

4. Find your kids and get a'markering (or a'painting, or leave them plain...the Minimal Minion look is HOT for fall!)

5. Sit back and admire the fruits of your labors. (And don't think about how many Happy Meals were consumed to acquire the Minions in the first place.)

The Minions were SO pleased with their new crowns they rejoiced!


This purple one started out okay.

There, you see him and he seems to be having an okay time...

Party Foul!