Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prime Directive Hairkerchief!

JoAnn Fabrics have come out with deliciously nerdy fabrics lately!
This was a hairkerchief I made to wrangle in my hair for the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie.

It was a rainy/humid day back in May, and my hair was especially big.
Some might say, it boldly poofed up as no hair has done before.

I also entered this in the Nerd Games.
45pt. May Textbook
---TextbookPrime Numbers  A prime number has only two divisors - 1 and itself. The first 25 prime numbers  are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, and 97. Your challenge is to demonstrate prime numbers in a project.  Examples: prime number of yards or shapes (i.e. triangle).  NOTE: One is not a prime number!

The Prime Directive and  the hairkerchief  having 3 sides fit this promt to a T! 
(T is for Tiberius)
Probably my best attempt yet for bias tape! YAY!

The movie was rad, and something surprising happened as we took our seats.
As I don't like to block views behind me with my hair (ha!) even sporting my 
PDHK (prime directive hairkerchief),
I made a blanket apology to the older ladies sitting behind me.
One of them then shocked me when she asked out of the blue:
"Do you watch Doctor Who?"
With a sly smile, I said "Yes. Is it that obvious?) 
She then said my hair reminded her of River Song's if she inherited Amy Pond's red hair.
A bigger compliment couldn't have been paid! 
Thank you random lady!!!

Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chihiro Hoopla!

I Stitched this up for my partner DaphadillyArt in the Miyazaki Swap.

For some background, Chihiro is the heroine of the movie "Spirited Away"

In the movie, she is moving to a new town with her parents,
and not too happy about being torn away from everything she knows.
(Let's just say 15 year old me related to this.)

A "short cut" was taken and then the parents are...
otherwise delayed. 
Adventures, of course, ensue.
I wouldn't want to give too much more away as it's a really interesting movie!

Although this is a solid "fill in" stitch, I wanted to do some texture with the stitching.
I tried to mimic how hair falls in layers with alternating chunks of satin stitch.

I hope you check out the movie.
To be warned...
There are some intense parts.
Perhaps not "every" child friendly, but I do know of one little man who LOVES IT!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shiny Hoopla!

One of my FAVORITE characters on Firefly.
(I currently have about 9 fave char. on that show.)

I love her optimism most of all.
In the 'verse there is a substitute for saying "awesome" all the time,
and that's "SHINY"!

This image was used with permission by the AMAZING artist Karen Hallion.
Original art is titled "Strawberry Girl"
You've probably seen her stuff popping up on Pinterest everywhere.
I just love her stuff and I hope you do too...
Please check out her site, or follow her on Facebook!

I'm not sure if the camera shows up the actual HOOP.
It's a thrift find, a pale blue like the jacket Kaylee wears in this scene!

I used a blend of Free Motion Embroidery and Fabric Markers.
I love how the umbrella POPS!

I also love how Free Motion Embroidery is like Painting with your Sewing Machine!

 This hoopla got to do double duty this month 
by entering it in BOTH the Nerd Games AND the Summer Hoopla-Along

Hoopla Prompt was "Favorite Phrase/Word"
I've been saying "Shiny" a lot around the kids, so that safely applied here.

Also, The phrase "When it Rains, it Pours" has popped up all year long for me...
Which leads into the Nerd Games Prompt.

July Wordy-45 points (Super Nerdy Bonus)
---WordyProverbs: Every culture, tradition, and religion has its proverbs and adages. Some are elegant and poetic. Others are witty and humorous. Many convey much wisdom with just a few words. A quick internet search will yield a wealth of common adages like, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and “Honesty is the best policy.”  Your challenge is to craft something that illustrates or is inspired by a proverb/adage. Be sure to quote the proverb in your submission. 

Do yourselves a favor a check out this show.
It's only 1 season (darn you FOX!) 
and I promise, you'll walk with some extra swagger!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shoe-Tyin' Morgan!

So, here's my "1 Clever Idea" for the Summer.
Morgan needs to learn to tie her shoes.
Apparently they test for this in school now, as we've gotten feedback
at Parent/Teacher conferences that she doesn't know how.

This is part of standard testing now?

So, this summer she's been practicing and as an incentive each day she practices
Morgan gets to draw a picture on the shoes with Mommy's Special Sharpies!

I picked up a $5 pair of knock-off Keds from Walmart and some superfun sparkly laces.
This seems to have done the trick.
She's excited to learn, and we have a little personalized momento of this milestone.

We bought her school shoes the other day....
No more lazy Velcro for Ducky!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evil Warrior Nesting Dolls/Matryoshka of Eternia!

Mwa Ha! 
Nesting Dolls depicting the VILLIANS of 
Masters of the Universe!!!!

I crafted these up for my friend Lisa S. (omgitslisa on craftster) because
she was one of the illustrious 2 people to enter my peg in the 
Facebook Crafty Chain.

I also crafted them for her because she's SUPER AWESOME!

Here's my progress shot: after priming and I got the initial Evil Warriors drawn on.
My materials were Spray Paint Primer, Regular Sharpie, Oil Based Sharpie, 
and (insert Skeletor voice) Mortal Mischief!
(who invited Thor?)

Here come the sexy close-ups...

Skeletor and Beast Man

Mer-Man and Evil-Lyn

Trap Jaw and Faker

Oh, and as an added BONUS I was able to enter these into the
Craftster Summer Nerd Games!

July Multimedia: 50pts
(Nerdy+Discovery Bonus)

---MultimediaCompanionship: Traveling though time and space can be lonely, so the Doctor always travels with a companion. Craft something that comes in pairs or multiple pieces that go together.

Pretty Maids all in a row!

Perhaps Skeletor was once a member of the Spanish Inquisition?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Star T-Rex Mousepad!

Another entry for the Nerd Games!
45 Points July Randomizer

Here's the prompt:
---RandomizerOur Ancestors  Since the dawn of time, the Nerdyverse has existed.  …guy who invented the wheel, total nerd…. We are going to focus on minds towards the past.  Craft something that either is inspired by our prehistoric past (dinos, cavemen, cave paintings) OR is created from a vintage pattern/method (vintage think 1970s or before).

So, I decided to portray a cave drawing found in Riverside, Iowa...on a mousepad!

I've just been loving the T-Rex Trying Book by Hugh Murphy.
All the simplicity in his art and the hilarity I find in it make for a fun filled day!

Who says the most awesomely awesome dinosaur can't have been a trekkie too?
I say that makes Mr. Rex Science Officer 3.14% awesome-er!

I grabbed a thrift store aquired mousepad, some fabric, my trusty fabric markers, and my new best friend Spray Adhesive. I dare say this is such a fun thing to do, only problem is...

Does anyone other than my kids use mouses (meeces?) anymore?
Just look at Morgan's hand expertly gripping that mouse...
I bet she's solving big world problems on the computer today.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to the Future Car Seat Cover!

The Flux Capacitor: It's what makes time travel possible.
And every time machine (aka minivan) needs one, I bet there's even one
hidden in the TARDIS somewhere. Just to complete some collection.

For the Nerd Games: June Textbook 45pts

We got the minivan about 3 years ago now, and it's the first time I've dealt with 
leather seats on a regular basis. They can get pretty hot on my legs with the sun beating on them.
That can get pretty heavy! 

So, I decided I needed something to protect my legs. 
I basically styled this like a huge Teesha Moore patch.
I love those darn patches. They have a cool artisan look, and you can really let 
your creativity fly!

The stitching was done with Free Motion Embroidery.

The prompt was:
TextbookWaves are all around us! Light we see, sound we hear, electricity we use, earthquake or tsunami events, even the particles we are made of are all wave phenomena.  In mathematics and science, a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time, usually accompanied by the transfer of energy. Your challenge this month is to create something that incorporates waves, whether you play with them as a mathematical model/pattern or a natural phenomenon. 

I even incorporated a sassy ribbon for rolling up storage!

Everyone's gonna want one of these things....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thriftin Fun: Salty!

This is my latest Thrifty Find!

A Cache of Morton Salt Tableware!

Each piece was .49-.99 cents.

This little "When it Rains, it Pours" phrase 
has been following me around a great deal lately....

The little pitcher was too cute to pass up!

And now for something completely different... 
Obligatory Goofy Morgan Pic.
Mwa ha.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calrissian Haiku!

AKA: My first Art Journal Page!

Made for the Nerd Games. GO TEAM OF SHIPS AND MEN!

The Flirt of Bespin

Twirl of cape, winks eye.
Says "Hello, what have we here?".
Smooth Talkin' Lando!

May Wordy: Haiku 55points
Here's the prompt:

Haiku  The Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry. Traditional Haiku are composed of 17 syllables in three phases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.  To fulfill this challenge you must either:  Create a Haiku and a corresponding craft. OR Craft an item that is inspired by the 5-7-5 phrases of the haiku.

I sneaked a teeny tiny hanging Skywalker....

The book pages I used were from a trashed Hardy Boys.
I couldn't resist having Lando on the "Cool Hand Chet" chapter!

I used a mix of Watercolor, Black fine tipped Sharpie, and Book pages as my materials.

Here's a close up of the haiku.
Major props to Lily for supplying the last line!!!

(Imagine a deep baritone voice)
Lando doesn't do anything without his Colt 45.

I think were in the middle of the Nerd Games and it's been so much fun to 
actually craft for myself!

Right you read this...
is the first time in a VERY long time I don't have any 
crafty deadlines whatsoever.

I don't know if I'm free and breezy about it or a bit lost....
Time will tell.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cptn America Baby Sweater!

For those in the States, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday!
For those in the international realm, I hope your Thursday was full of AWESOMENESS!!!

So in the spirit of 'Merica; a little Captain America project...

Here's the last installment in my Carla's Spell Your Name Swap Round 10 package!
2nd part of letter "C" for 
Children's Costumed Crime Fighter's Cache!!!

Her son wasn't born yet, but everyone knew something super was going on...

The badge was hooked up out of my super brain.

The knitting pattern used was from the magnificent book: Mason Dixon Knitting.
I used white cotton dishcloth yarn so it will be nice and absorbent for newborn issues! 
(heh heh.)

I even happened to have the most PERFECT button in my stash!

Carla, I hope your baby boy is SUPER IN EVERY WAY!!!

Damn, look at that jawline!

I think what Agent Coulson said could be applied to a lot of areas in my life right now:

"With everything that happening, the things that about to come to light, 
people might just need a little old fashioned."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wonder Woman Cape of Wonder!

Sewn up for the Spell Your Name Swap Round 10!
This cape was for her daughter and stood for....
Children's Costume Crime Fighters Cache
(there's a captain america sweater for her son coming to a post near you)

I took the back of a poncho sewing pattern and nixed the hood for my template!

Her dear daughter loves superheroes and what little girl doesn't need her own cape?

Got all crafty with the gold lame (lam-ayyyyy) and a sharpie! 

Happened to have some grosgrain ribbon around for the straps.

I love gingham! 
Maybe she can reverse the cape and be Super Dorothy of Kansas!

I give you....A HAIKU!

Capes are so awesome.
Transforms an ordinary day,
To heroic bliss.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Thriftin Fun!

Another Funny Fun thing found at the thrift store!


An unfortunate Ed Hardy feel to it, but the characters just cracked me up too much!
It's cotton and the background is a pale blue.

You KNOW this wizard cat is up to no good...

What the heck is this guy gonna do with Mr. Frog,
or has he already done it?

Sassy red wings on a little guy equals trouble!

I think I'm going to have a great deal of fun with this.
With over 1 yard of the stuff, it's going to be around for a while.
I know the first thing created is going to be some napkins!

Crrrreeeepy Napkins of Magical Wiping Properties....