Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evil Warrior Nesting Dolls/Matryoshka of Eternia!

Mwa Ha! 
Nesting Dolls depicting the VILLIANS of 
Masters of the Universe!!!!

I crafted these up for my friend Lisa S. (omgitslisa on craftster) because
she was one of the illustrious 2 people to enter my peg in the 
Facebook Crafty Chain.

I also crafted them for her because she's SUPER AWESOME!

Here's my progress shot: after priming and I got the initial Evil Warriors drawn on.
My materials were Spray Paint Primer, Regular Sharpie, Oil Based Sharpie, 
and (insert Skeletor voice) Mortal Mischief!
(who invited Thor?)

Here come the sexy close-ups...

Skeletor and Beast Man

Mer-Man and Evil-Lyn

Trap Jaw and Faker

Oh, and as an added BONUS I was able to enter these into the
Craftster Summer Nerd Games!

July Multimedia: 50pts
(Nerdy+Discovery Bonus)

---MultimediaCompanionship: Traveling though time and space can be lonely, so the Doctor always travels with a companion. Craft something that comes in pairs or multiple pieces that go together.

Pretty Maids all in a row!

Perhaps Skeletor was once a member of the Spanish Inquisition?

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  1. well these turned out completely awesome!!
    i'm love love loving all the evilness!
    and no two bad?!? well too bad for two bad!


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