Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shiny Hoopla!

One of my FAVORITE characters on Firefly.
(I currently have about 9 fave char. on that show.)

I love her optimism most of all.
In the 'verse there is a substitute for saying "awesome" all the time,
and that's "SHINY"!

This image was used with permission by the AMAZING artist Karen Hallion.
Original art is titled "Strawberry Girl"
You've probably seen her stuff popping up on Pinterest everywhere.
I just love her stuff and I hope you do too...
Please check out her site, or follow her on Facebook!

I'm not sure if the camera shows up the actual HOOP.
It's a thrift find, a pale blue like the jacket Kaylee wears in this scene!

I used a blend of Free Motion Embroidery and Fabric Markers.
I love how the umbrella POPS!

I also love how Free Motion Embroidery is like Painting with your Sewing Machine!

 This hoopla got to do double duty this month 
by entering it in BOTH the Nerd Games AND the Summer Hoopla-Along

Hoopla Prompt was "Favorite Phrase/Word"
I've been saying "Shiny" a lot around the kids, so that safely applied here.

Also, The phrase "When it Rains, it Pours" has popped up all year long for me...
Which leads into the Nerd Games Prompt.

July Wordy-45 points (Super Nerdy Bonus)
---WordyProverbs: Every culture, tradition, and religion has its proverbs and adages. Some are elegant and poetic. Others are witty and humorous. Many convey much wisdom with just a few words. A quick internet search will yield a wealth of common adages like, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and “Honesty is the best policy.”  Your challenge is to craft something that illustrates or is inspired by a proverb/adage. Be sure to quote the proverb in your submission. 

Do yourselves a favor a check out this show.
It's only 1 season (darn you FOX!) 
and I promise, you'll walk with some extra swagger!

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  1. best hoop in the 'verse.
    the free motion machine embroidery is the perfect touch!
    love it!!


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