Friday, October 13, 2017

Adult Merit Badge

For RenStar For the Adult Merit Badge Swap on Craftster WOOT!

The swap was fun, as we got to think of 5 different adult merit badges achievements our partners would choose to craft from.

Above you will find the Merit Badge for:

Kept a Poker Face in front of Idocy
Didn't Swear at Idiots

These totally resonated with me!

Monday, October 9, 2017

First Foray into Stamp Making!

I'm finally participating in a Craftster Swap after a 2 year hiatus!
And of course it had to be a Harry Potter Swap...
Specifically, Back to Hogwarts Round 7 (insert link)

I've decided to try making a Stamp for all of my partner's most important Owl Post Letters.

The first thing I had to do was think of a design, I used my Hand Drawn app (link) and came up with this:

Can I just say how much fun that app is? It's so easy to use and I've gotten quite silly with it. Perhaps one day a blog post might happen all about that. But lets just get through this post first, huh?

What a neat way of transferring a pattern on the stamp pad?!!! 
Pencil Transfer, who knew? But this was a mess up as I don't know how mirror images work.

Above is my first attempt at the pencil transfer, and me (not understanding how mirroring works) thought it was incorrect and tried again.
(But really it WAS correct and I'm an idiot!)


Here's how far I got when I realized my mistake...
So it turns out I need to do that whole thing over again...Live and learn and laugh it off!

Morgan got to learn how to carve too by practicing on my mess up!

She needed a bandaid...

I ended up doing it correctly the next time, and it turned out pretty darn cool!
I'd totally try stamp making again!