Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 8: Fave Animated Character

Day 8: Fave Animated Character


I went really brave with this and used both the sepia and grey!
ooooo, really brave huh?

Totoro's eyes seem to be checking something out.....
What might it be do you think?

Drawing Challenge Day 7: Fave Movie

Day 7
Fave Movie

I've loved this movie For-Ev-Er!
I remember seeing it in the theatre when it came out.
Dad was super excited about the tactic of the 3 endings...
We saw the Mr. Green ending...

which when the video came out,
it was the 3rd and final ending,
and I felt was the "real" ending making me quite smug.

(even though I had nothing to do whatsoever
with the making of the movie and I was 10 years old.)

This is my favorite scene, and quoting it brings me 
no end of joy seeing if people "get it" or not.

That's when I know I've found someone truly special!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 5: Best Friends

Day 5: Best Friends

Friends, they accept you and sometimes the best times are when you can be alone...together.

But the real thing I know you're curious about is...
What are those two doing?
Are they knitting, embroidering, crocheting?

The answer you seek is here, my friends...

None of the above, sillies!
They're actually playing Words with Friends...with Each Other!

Just a simple pencil sketch.
I had an inclination to add color, but then I was so 
happy with the scratchy way #1 turned out I didn't want to mess it up.

Sub question:
Which are the best friends?
The 2 girls, or the girl and her phone?

Drawing Challenge Day 4: Fave Place

Day 4: Fave Place
My House!

Not too sure if this goes up to 11 on the cheez-o-Rama scale,
Or if it lends a little harsh to my introverted tendencies...
But honestly,
There's no place like home. 

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)
(Sorry, not sorry.)

I wanted to try and sketch this super fast, not be overly analytical, and keep the simple lines. 
Although, it's not museum worthy....
I'd say Mission Accomplished!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 3: Your Fave Food

Day 3: Your Fave Food

Taco Johns Meat and Potato Burrito!

Back to the Sepia tones for this one!
I didn't get too involved, but more concentrated on trying
to work on Shading with the Teeny Tiny 0.01 Sketch Marker.
I attempted at the little crossed lines "Maurice Sendak" Style.

Now I'm thinking about Burritos for lunch....

Drawing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: My Favorite Animal


As some of you may know, I have a spaztastic dog named Weezer. He's a Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Poodle) and really keeps my startle level high with his ear piercing bark. He secretly likes to sneak up behind me as he hears Lee pull up in the driveway while I'm totally oblivious about it...Then he yips super loud sending me 4 feet in the air. Silly dog!

But when I thought about this challenge, I kind of wanted to do a Sloth. 
Sloths are cute! They laze about (like me) and do things deliberately (like I wish I did).
So when I asked Lee about it, he immediately nominated Weezer.

Then he defended his case:
It took 2 years of active trying to get pregnant when I kind of gave up
and asked if we could just get a puppy. Lee consented seeing how heartbroken 
I was month after month. He's cool like that.
Within the month of getting Weezer
we conceived.

I guess he turned into our lucky charm?
So now he's my favorite animal too...
Sloth holds a close 2nd.

So to answer Ms Melissa's questions on the Copic Markers...
I'm kind of addicted now.
Since Weezer is black in coloring I thought I wouldn't do him justice in Sepia tones.
With a quick trip to Michaels and a 40% off coupon on my phone
I picked up the Sketching Greys Set.

Below is a picture of the Marker with caps off.
I've mostly used the "paint brush" tip so far.
I really like the smooth application!

Copic Markers 4 Life!
(Ha, Ha..)