Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Onesies for a Geek Dad!

My friend Andrew is getting a new addition to his family.
Andrew likes Nerdy and Geeky things.
I happen to love making Nerdy and Geeky things!

The King of New York is in honor of the Mother as
her fave movie growing up was Newsies.
The other two should be pretty easy to guess....

One Onesie to Rule them all said Batman....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calvin and Hobbes Triple Threat Hoopla!

Calvin and Hobbes.
My favorite!

I had a partner in the Affirmation Swap on Craftster who also was keen
to those spiffy guys!
This was what I stitched up for her.
I chose to leave the smaller 2 hoops in Black and White to 
mimic the "weekday" comics and have the large one be "sunday".
Affirmation Swap Hoopla

The Affirmation she chose and the pinterest board for C and H just clicked together for me.
Those two get into so many fun things and have amazing conviction for all
their shenanigans!
Putting on the Ritz

 This image on my partner's pin board was titled "my favorite" so I had to stitch it!

Close up and personal

As Affirmations themselves, they tend to boost us in some way.
So do hugs...so I had to do this.
I like big hugs and I cannot lie!

Who doesn't want a big Hobbes Hug?!!?

 This was the BIG hoop in the triptych.
I found this image during a google search and couldn't get it out of my mind. 
Short hair, don't care!
 Most of the fill in stitches are a haphazard all over the place type.
I thought it looked a bit like fur for Hobbes and messy Hair for Calvin.
Grrrr, I dare you to mess with how okay we are with ourselves!
Calvin's teeth we're accomplished with help from my friend Shannon who 
suggested I go with grey for the detail.

She was right! 
I love how the grey creates a slight shadow.
I think black would've been to drastic of a contrast and end up
looking like he had missing teeth.

I really miss these guys brightening my day.
I have some of their books that Will and I share and enjoy and
one of these days I need to crochet up a Hobbes of his own 
for Will adventures.

Who is your favorite Newspaper Comic Strip Hero/Heroine?

These were picked for a Featured Project on Craftster!
Super happiness everywhere!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rory's Lunchbox!

Another Tribute to my favorite Centurion and yours...
(I think this is the last one...thank you for your indulgence.)

In some webisodes, we got to see some Domestic Life of 
Rory and Amy.
He's a tireless nurse and is so budget conscious he takes a lunch every day.
At least this is what I like to think! 

I decided my swap partner needed her own lunchbox desperately and found at the Thrift Store
a perfect white plastic one demanding to be transformed.

I'm sorry I don't have a "before" picture here, but it was a pretty straightforward
white plastic lunchbox. 

A lunchbox good enough for a hero

I painted a white base primer coat then went to town with some acrylic paint.

Then found some Roman Centurion images and Mod Podged like a maniac!

This was a neat project and I think it turned out pretty neat as I'd 
never crafted anything quite like it before.

Now for some silliness...

I have a Rory Theory.
It's not new or blow-your-mind crazy.

I want Rory to be the next Master.
He has an issue actually dying (Time Lord).
He fathered River. (Time Lord) 
(sure there was that whole concieved in the time vortex thing, but still)
The Master has been a real stinker and deserves to have a nice regeneration for once.

Call the theory what you will,
but a girl can dream can't she?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Shut UP, Hitler Hoopla

Rory Williams Pond...
Hitler Puncher and all around Centurion Step-Up Guy!

Shut Up, Hitler Hoopla

Oh did I enjoy doing research for this hoop I stitched 
for Pioneer9 in a recent craftster Who Swap.

Just do a Google Image Search for "Punching Hitler in the face".
Go ahead, do it.
I promise you won't be sorry...
I giggled at this Google for a gaggle of time!

Closer up....
I attached the stitched fabric to an old plaid shirt of Will's:
as we all know Rory has a beautiful thing for plaid.

Here's the glorious scene that inspired me...

Rory's a superhero!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Crafty Cave: January

Here's my monthly accountability update for my Crafty Cave Redeux.
Here's my Best Intentions Post of how it looks "before".
(And hopefully won't look like by the end of the year!)

January kind of flew by on me, but it was mostly about cleaning things...

Like my desk!
Look, it almost sparkles!

This mystery pile of clothes that could be altered...


On top of my file cabinet...
(Most of the papers were patterns I needed to file away)


Beautiful organization!

I put on my brand new colorfulriffic ironing board cover!
(I'm not completly sure, but it might be too busy of a pattern)

There you have it!
I was also going to install a curtain rod for my fabric bookcase,
but Lee loaned the drill out to his dad.

I've gotta get my own darn drill.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

whovian art

I decided for a past Doctor Who Swap
to delve into the ATC (Artist Trading Card) pool.

While the following cards are just sketches and not multimedia,
which I can't wait to try,
I got a feeling of just how small of a size these things really are!

Did Real Life just get Started?

Field Doctor

Bouncin' Around the Cosmos

BAtC Close up

Madman with a Smirk
MwaS Eye Detail

Together or Not at All

For sending to my swap partner I thought I'd whip up a 
simple River Diary out of a photo album from my stash!
Sharpies are my Besties!

Impromptu River Diary

So super soon we'll get a taste of the 12th Doctor.
I'm going to miss 11...miss him a lot.
I loved his "absent-minded professor-ness" and ability to look so lifeworn and childlike all in one big swirl of moppy hair.

I'm very happy to meet 12 and see what Peter Capaldi does with my Doctor...
Can't wait to go on another adventure!