Saturday, February 1, 2014

whovian art

I decided for a past Doctor Who Swap
to delve into the ATC (Artist Trading Card) pool.

While the following cards are just sketches and not multimedia,
which I can't wait to try,
I got a feeling of just how small of a size these things really are!

Did Real Life just get Started?

Field Doctor

Bouncin' Around the Cosmos

BAtC Close up

Madman with a Smirk
MwaS Eye Detail

Together or Not at All

For sending to my swap partner I thought I'd whip up a 
simple River Diary out of a photo album from my stash!
Sharpies are my Besties!

Impromptu River Diary

So super soon we'll get a taste of the 12th Doctor.
I'm going to miss 11...miss him a lot.
I loved his "absent-minded professor-ness" and ability to look so lifeworn and childlike all in one big swirl of moppy hair.

I'm very happy to meet 12 and see what Peter Capaldi does with my Doctor...
Can't wait to go on another adventure!

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  1. you are such the amazing artist! you should do more drawing/painting.


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