Monday, February 3, 2014

Crafty Cave: January

Here's my monthly accountability update for my Crafty Cave Redeux.
Here's my Best Intentions Post of how it looks "before".
(And hopefully won't look like by the end of the year!)

January kind of flew by on me, but it was mostly about cleaning things...

Like my desk!
Look, it almost sparkles!

This mystery pile of clothes that could be altered...


On top of my file cabinet...
(Most of the papers were patterns I needed to file away)


Beautiful organization!

I put on my brand new colorfulriffic ironing board cover!
(I'm not completly sure, but it might be too busy of a pattern)

There you have it!
I was also going to install a curtain rod for my fabric bookcase,
but Lee loaned the drill out to his dad.

I've gotta get my own darn drill.

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  1. look at you go!!
    things are shaping up quite nicely over in the crafty cave!!
    i personally think the ironing board cover is perfect!!


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