Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Plan for the Year...

I'm not really one to make resolutions.
When I *do* make them, I have the lack of willpower to keep up.
Sure I need to lose weight, try new things, and take more joy in my life...
But who doesn't?

I am a crafter.
I am creative.
I currently have a Crafty Cave that does not inspire me...

Aspects I love about this space:
1. It exists
2. My Hoopla Wall is abundant with awesomeness
3. I've got a comfy chair (nobody expects the spanish inquisition)

Things I want to improve upon:
1. Better lighting
2. Appear Uncluttered (Storage and Concealment Curtains for said storage)
3. Organized Small Crafty Things
4. Utilize the Closet better

It's to be expected that I LOVE this space. 
Clutter and all.

It's just not the refuge I want it to be, more of a hovel to cower in at the moment. (Gollum, Gollum)

1. Yarn Bomb Ottoman and Metal Desk Bits
2. New Ironing Board Cover (already aquired)
3. Pretty up the Armoir without painting, or banging holes in it (because Lee would kill me)
4. Painted Peg Board for Weapons of Choice (scissors, small baskets, rulers, tapes, quarterstaff, magic wand)

This is my Crafty Cave Intention Statement.
I pledge to try and post a progress picture once a month,
motivation is my kryptonite.

So, Happy New Year to all you lovely people!
I hope your next year comes with oodles of niceties!!!

Anyone have any favorite craft supply organization tips?
I would be super psyched to hear them!

I made a polka dotty change to the look of my blog. 
Polka dots are currently a very uplifting thing for me.


  1. i love (and covet) your crafty cave!! i look forward to following your crafty upgrades!!

    and i really really really hope you have a quarterstaff... blood and ashes!

  2. I will volunteer to come help organize. I LOVE organizing. It is my therapy . . . *twitch twitch*


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