Thursday, December 19, 2013

Teacher Christmas Gifts 2013...they "rule"!

Long time, No Posting.
Sorry about my slacking....
I've no excuse, nor clever ruse.
I'm also putting off gift wrapping.

OK, Now on to the Teacher Christmas Gifts for 2013!

Ruled Paper Canvas Bags
(they "rule"!)

Along with my "kind of vow" to not craft for anyone, I was in a bit of a crunch for the 
Teacher's Gifts this year. I had 5 teachers I needed to gift for.

Then I stumbled onto this great Tutorial for these pre-bought (GASP!) Canvas bags 
Here's the official link for the bags: Guest Host: Rachel from Sun Scholars

I ended up doing 6 bags because I remembered I have a teacher too!
I go to a Satori Violet Belly Dancing class every Wednesday night.
I adore this class and my teacher, Cassie, so she needed one too. 

The Tutorial was very fun to read and easy to implement.
I finished them all within 1 1/2 hours!
If I were to say anything about the bags it would be to 
use ULTRA FINE TIP Sharpie Markers.
The regular size will bleed on the canvas.

As Professor Hinkle would say...

Hope everyone is having the greatest LAST WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS EVER!

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  1. these bags are genius!!
    *you're* a genius!!
    and crafty and creative!
    yay you!


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