Friday, December 6, 2013

Half Blood Prince Ornament!

Just in time for the Holiday Season!
(sung to the tune of "Away in a Manger")

Away in a classrom,
on a shelf in the back.

Snape hid his old textbook,
crib notes written in black.

He was brilliant with Potions,
and words he won't mince.

A Secret Hero,
Our Beloved Half-Blood Prince.

This is a teeny tiny paper ornament project with actual miniature printable pages from the book.
Spray adhesive bled through a bit, but I think it gives a bit of an aged look.

Lately, I've been working diligently on 2 swaps.
The "I <3 Tea" and "Geeky Christmas" ones.

I'm crafting those instead of presents this year, for no reason in particular.
I'm not taking a stand...but perhaps I am...
Maybe it's my way of surprising people and mixing things up a bit.

It's actually quite freeing!

Here's to a low-key Holiday Extravagant to everyone!!!

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  1. love the song! you're like my own personal weird al !!

    i'm not crafting any gifts this year either! yay for low-key holiday!

    and ps - the book is awesome!! now i want to put the one you made us in the tree... if only i can find where lily put it...


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