Friday, March 7, 2014

Crochet Daisies!

I  hooked up a crazy amount of crochet daisies for SonjaBoo's 
Sunshine Swap package recently.

They made a great box filler!

I can't wait to recover this ugly ottoman!

I had made so many, I decided to grab a few to make
hair clips for Morgan's Daisy Scout Troop.

The clips were just hot glued to the back.
When I did a test run in my own hair, they didn't fall apart
so I took that as a good sign 7yr olds could wear them.

We're just winding up the Girl Scout Cookie sales this year.
I'm pretty happy with our selling as last year we were 
really unmotivated to sell.

Morgan even sold enough to "donate" some boxes!

Scouts has been really good for her as it's the one activity she's in
with girls from her own school.
She's made some cute friends and is always excited to go...

I'll be a little sad if they decide to disband the group after this year.