Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crochet Mike Wazowski!

40 pts for the Nerd Games.
June Multimedia...Disco!

This prompt was to make something sparkly...
As we're all super excited about Monsters University and all things 
Mike Wazowski, Sully's Disco Ball prank had to be represented in crochet.

It must be so. 

I started out with the Mike you see below and then gave him a sleeve of 

I also added a little sparkle to his eye. ;)

Here's the trailer inspiration:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bomb Pop Stitchery!

I stitched this up for the Craftster Hoop-Along.
June prompt: Summertime!

This spring both of my munchkins had surgery to remove their adenoids...
BOMB POPS in the recovery room from the nurses were such a hit we had to stock up at home.
I then officially declared it "The Summer of the Bomb Pop"!

I'd never used Waste Canvas before and really wanted to give it a try.
I eeked out this REALLY simple pattern on graph paper and went about the stitchin'!
The backstitch lettering turned out a bit wonky, I'll need to practice that a bit...and the background fabric is an orange sherbet color my lighting isn't doing a whole lot of justice.

I just love the look of cross stitch but sometimes not the AIDA cloth. It can be so stiff!
This is going to open up a lot more opportunity to cross stitch, I can tell!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trek Asthma Inhaler!

Chock up another 45 pts for Team "Of Ships and Men" with the...


The son has developed a bit of "cold weather/exercise induced bronchial spasm" (they don't like to use the "asthma" word on kids under 6 years of age). 

How, other than having him watch The Goonies, do I make inhalers cool?
I present...
The LLAP (Live Long and Prosper) Asthma inhaler!

The closure is sewn on velcro and look,
when closed it JUST FITS!

So next winter with this in our arsenal...
May with every strained breath
he Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Being the Lovers of Sci-Fi Fantasy Reading People we are, I couldn't let a Father go without his own Godswood Heart Tree!

From the books George R. R. Martin wrote to the show HBO released, we LOVE our Starks around here!
Also, being in Minnesota we're always aware...
Winter is Coming.

I watercolored the tree trunk and the little Starks used their fingerprints for the blood red leaves.
Will trailed off the tree a bit so those were morphed into flying heart leaves.

Look! Someone carved our initials!
How romantic!

For everything you are and do for us...
the North remembers. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Capt Jack Sparrow Crochet!

I hooked and I hooked...
But where's all the rum gone?

Good old Jack Sparrow.
I whipped this little guy up with no pattern at all! Just out of my little pea-brain...for Will...because he's cute!
Also, I entered it in the Nerd Games May Battle Royale: Pirates v/s Ninjas for a whopping 55 pts.
Pirates won!

I opted for no facial hair as Will was LOVING the Wii game "Disney Universe"
and the Capt Jack is devoid of the stuff.

Capt Jack's....BOOTY!

Sure, it's not the Black Pearl but a man needs a boat!

I did actually write everything down in case I wanted 
to make this bad boy again.

Perhaps, I'll post it if I can make any coherency that would 
make sense to anyone but me.

Today is going to be a Jackerrific Day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jake the Dog Crochet

Oh that Jake the Dog!
I crocheted this up for Will's birthday from the LucyRavenscar pattern found here. (Etsy Shop PDF)

Let me just say her patterns are well worth the money! So well written and she gets them to you SUPER FAST!

Jake looks VERY dapper in his fedora. Takes after his old man!
Fedora Hat is actually a flower pot turned upside down
hooked up by The Melissa.
I think I need to borrow that pattern so Jake can step out
Indy Style!

Poor Jake, gets a tapestry needle to the head.
This, and the above pic were taken at Knit Nite.
You can see our drinks...YUM Coffee Hag!

Jake after a CRAZY night with Shawn the Sheep ...
Just how did Shawn's underpants end up there?

Will's been having "Ooo-dles" of fun with his Jake.
Now I just need to get around to finishing Finn (It's been almost a year long WIP).

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fairy Door of Fancy!

Crafted up for the Spell Your Name Swap R10, this Fairy Door represented the letter A.
"Aquire Access for your fairies with this door."

I've seen the fairy doors all across Pinterest and thought I would give it a go.
I used an inexpensive wood frame as the base and modpodged some pretty papers on.
The white "door" is from a little decorative mirror that had fell apart. 

Some found charms in the jewelry box made for a wonderful garland.
Perhaps the fairies found them, they like shiny things.

Little flowers to the sides, buttons, and ribbons to make up the "porch". 

The doorknob and knocker we made of jewelry findings, earrings, and buttons.

This project heavily relied on glue. In LOTS of forms.
Mod Podge, E3600, Hot.
I had meant to include a little ladder, but it was not meant to be.

Check out "Fairy Doors" on Pinterest if you get a chance.
It's this whole thing, and they are really magical!
But please don't get lost. Sometimes the Fairies can be tricksy....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainbow Bridge Afghan!

It's done and worth 45 pts in the Summer Nerd Games!

I based her Bifrost Blanket off of Thor's Rainbow Bridge.

The May Fandom Challenge was to finish up a WIP (work in progress), 
because as Nerdy Nerds we often wait for that next book, season, game to come out.
We will wait forever...
when does Sherlock Series 3 come out again???

Here's where I was last week. If you scroll back up it's the teal row on the left side.
I was SO close to finishing!

So glad this challenge came along, otherwise I would've NEVER wanted to work on it 
when the weather got hot.
Also, I didn't want to leave Morgan hanging.

I teach her to finish what she starts, I should do the same.

Here's the trim, nothing fancy but it's my first attempt at "squaring off" a ripple!

As an extra personal bonus...
supermom level achieved.