Saturday, June 15, 2013

Capt Jack Sparrow Crochet!

I hooked and I hooked...
But where's all the rum gone?

Good old Jack Sparrow.
I whipped this little guy up with no pattern at all! Just out of my little pea-brain...for Will...because he's cute!
Also, I entered it in the Nerd Games May Battle Royale: Pirates v/s Ninjas for a whopping 55 pts.
Pirates won!

I opted for no facial hair as Will was LOVING the Wii game "Disney Universe"
and the Capt Jack is devoid of the stuff.

Capt Jack's....BOOTY!

Sure, it's not the Black Pearl but a man needs a boat!

I did actually write everything down in case I wanted 
to make this bad boy again.

Perhaps, I'll post it if I can make any coherency that would 
make sense to anyone but me.

Today is going to be a Jackerrific Day!


  1. but seriously... why is the rum gone?!?!?!

    he turned out great!! you definitely need to post the pattern!

  2. PLEASE OH PLEASE POST THE PATTERN!!! I want to make one for my brother cause he's really into Jack Sparrow and this one is just sooooo cute! So PLEASE OH PLEASE POST THE PATTERN SOON!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

  3. PATTERN....Must Make..... This would make awesome Christmas gift for all those Jack Sparrow lovers out there.

  4. UPDATE:
    I am thrilled you guys want the pattern!
    Here's the deal...
    I was looking frantically for it in the Crafty Cave downstairs, and have appeared to missplaced my chicken scratch papers.
    I am going to make it a priority to clean down there for the sole purpose of finding my pattern notes and posting it.
    Bear (grrr) with me you fine crochet people, you.

    -Blair :D

  5. Hey Blair, I know this has nothing to do with the pattern but could you tell me how you got your blog in the search engine? I have tried but nothing is working! I just made my blog yesterday and I started to look up how to put it on the SEO. Everybody has a different answer!!! Ugh so frustrating. So I was wondering if you could explain? Thank you sooo much!

    1. Hey there BoppinBri!
      I checked out your blog, , and it's super! Great job putting it together!
      As for what I did to get it on the search engine, I don't know specifically. It popped up there one day. Sheesh!
      I can tell you what I've been doing and how it may've got there...
      I started a Pinterest board titled "Stuff I made" I pin every project post there. That serves 2 purposes.
      1. I have 1 central spot I can go back for reference.
      2. It lets my friends know I don't just sit around watching Netflix all darn day! (tee hee)
      I also "share" on google plus for every post.
      Another thing I did was add my blog on "Bloglovin" a blog reader that is awesome.

      I went ahead an took the liberty to start following your blog on bloglovin so your blog should now be added to their list. :D

      I also made sure my blog was prominent on my profile for Pinterst and Facebook. Although with Facebook it's not all that prominent.

      These are the only active steps I can remember. Otherwise I just keep putting stuff out there as if no one's reading. Make your blog for yourself first and people will find it!

      I hope this helps, I understand the frustration completely as I am way inexperienced in technological stuffs.

      Thanks for reading my blog BTW, I adore you!

    2. Thank You! I was starting to get frustrated because of all the different answers I was getting like, adding URLS, doing robot text, adding links, being patient(which is very hard for me) and a whole bunch of other stuff I didn't understand! Again, thank you for your help. :)


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