Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainbow Bridge Afghan!

It's done and worth 45 pts in the Summer Nerd Games!

I based her Bifrost Blanket off of Thor's Rainbow Bridge.

The May Fandom Challenge was to finish up a WIP (work in progress), 
because as Nerdy Nerds we often wait for that next book, season, game to come out.
We will wait forever...
when does Sherlock Series 3 come out again???

Here's where I was last week. If you scroll back up it's the teal row on the left side.
I was SO close to finishing!

So glad this challenge came along, otherwise I would've NEVER wanted to work on it 
when the weather got hot.
Also, I didn't want to leave Morgan hanging.

I teach her to finish what she starts, I should do the same.

Here's the trim, nothing fancy but it's my first attempt at "squaring off" a ripple!

As an extra personal bonus...
supermom level achieved.


  1. love love love this!!!

    your edging is taking me to squaresville, man!

    morgan is one lucky gal, and woot woot 45pts! (i assume that's a lot)

    suck it other nerds!!

  2. I wish my name was Morgan, I want that blanket! Its rainbowtastic! Now kick more butt and win!(I want you to know that auto correct changed kick to lick) 50 points for proof reading!

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