Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jake the Dog Crochet

Oh that Jake the Dog!
I crocheted this up for Will's birthday from the LucyRavenscar pattern found here. (Etsy Shop PDF)

Let me just say her patterns are well worth the money! So well written and she gets them to you SUPER FAST!

Jake looks VERY dapper in his fedora. Takes after his old man!
Fedora Hat is actually a flower pot turned upside down
hooked up by The Melissa.
I think I need to borrow that pattern so Jake can step out
Indy Style!

Poor Jake, gets a tapestry needle to the head.
This, and the above pic were taken at Knit Nite.
You can see our drinks...YUM Coffee Hag!

Jake after a CRAZY night with Shawn the Sheep ...
Just how did Shawn's underpants end up there?

Will's been having "Ooo-dles" of fun with his Jake.
Now I just need to get around to finishing Finn (It's been almost a year long WIP).

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  1. ha! these pictures crack me up! knitnight is more fun when you're there!


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