Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Doctor LOVES his Triceratops!

Happy 50th Birthday 
Day of the Doctor...Day!!!

This Hoopla was stitched up for a recent Whovian Swap and 
it represents her fave episode
"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"

I used waste canvas to do the "blackwork" (brownwork...because it's in brown).
My VERY first attempt at it thank you very much.
I can't wait to try more with this technique...The stuff I've seen
with shading by adding more to a basic square is amazing!

I threw in some french knots for texture...
because why not?

"Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"
isa cute episode and also where we get to meet Rory's Dad!
Here's a little trailer...

And yes, that is Mr. Weasley as the Dad.

Fetch, Tricey!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Harry Potter Schoolbook Papercuttings!

Papercuttings are fun and lend themselves well to 
recreating Hogwarts Schoolbook Covers!

I did these for my swap partner who's favorite store in 
the Potter'verse is Flourish and Blotts.

Hogwarts: A History
Please forgive my glare. 
I haven't quite mastered the whole photography thing.

I used pretty cardstock scrapbook paper, an X-acto Knife, 
and a printer to accomplish these.

The trick is to print the image you want on the back of the paper in reverse.
Cut from the back.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

What I need to "Improve" on for papercutting is the little holes...
like for inside the "B", "D", and "R".

The 3rd one is me getting a little cheeky...
You've been warned.

The Invisible Book of Invisibility!!!

Papercutting so very zen for me.
I love the focus it requires.
My mind really shouldn't be hectic and cluttered 
when wielding something pointy and sharp!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weasley Family Napkins!

I Finally made something with the super-fantastical thrift store fabric I found a while back!


I decided to make some "Weasley Family Napkins: 1 for each kid in the Burrows"
to enter in the Summer Nerd Wars.

Here are the "name" pins we use so there's no mixing up between 
people. I just use beads with the favorite color and first initial of the "wipe-ie".

It was great before my kids could read, the colors would help them...
Now that they're older the letters work great! 

I wouldn't put it past that excellent Domestic Hero of mine, aka Molly Weasley,
to have this fabric close at hand.
Or wand...

And because I'm a stickler for even numbers,
I had to make 8 Napkins in all.
There are 7 Weasley Kids.

I just couldn't stop myself. 
If they every come for an afternoon tea, I'll just hide the 8th one.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Morgan's 1st Hoopla!

Miss Morgan's been wanting to stitch on and off for a while.
When I sit down to help her, show her the basics she gets frustrated and puts the thread down for a spell.

This most recent time I decided I'd let her draw with markers on fabric in a hoop.
She LOVED it!

She was even using her hoopla scene as a backdrop
for some Lego Minifig adventures.

I'm seeing a great first step to craftyness!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Potter'verse Popsicle People!

I "arted" up some Popsicle Stix for the
recent Return to Hogwarts swap on craftster. 

I'd been seeing so many wonderful 
Popsicle Stick People on Pinterest 
(say that 10 times fast)
and thought I'd try my hand at some.

I used the fatter sticks, not the one that actually come inside 
that most wonderful of frozen there's no DNA to be found.
No, no cloning will be done by this craft.

For the coloring...Sharpies; my old standby.

The uses could just be about anything you could think of:
Garden stakes
Mood of the Day Signifiers 
(I'm feeling very Snape today)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Whovian Perler!

The kids and I were having a grand afternoon of Perler-Palooza, and while I was manning the iron I thought I'd whip these up quick for an "extra" in the recent Doctor Who craftster swap.

I didn't add anything to the back like a magnet or lapel pin, I thought I'd leave that decision up to the recipient. 
I'm so in awe of some of those really huge detailed Perler creations out there...
I just felt crazy accomplished getting these ironed somewhat evenly!

'Couldn't just send them loose, so I took the sleeve my new Union Jack umbrella
came in (who really uses those things anyway?) and sent them in British Style.

I'm currently doing another Who Swap.
Send outs are on November 19th.
In case you didn't know....
It's the Doctor's 50th anniversary.

I'm SO excited!!!!

Ooooo Weeeee Oooooooo!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rory, the last CENTurion!

For the recent Doctor Who Swap, my partner chose 
my beloved Rory Williams 
as one of her favorite Companions of the Doctor.

Rory...well the story might be too long to go into here,
but I think this shirt over at 
sums it up nicely.
PS: The Rory story arc breaks my heart. (Moffat, you had me at... hello!)

I stamped on pennies for the first time.
Much more pliable than the washers I'd stamped before.

I also couldn't resist the cleverness to do a Rory set from
a bunch of 1 CENT pieces.

(hardy har har)