Thursday, November 7, 2013

Potter'verse Popsicle People!

I "arted" up some Popsicle Stix for the
recent Return to Hogwarts swap on craftster. 

I'd been seeing so many wonderful 
Popsicle Stick People on Pinterest 
(say that 10 times fast)
and thought I'd try my hand at some.

I used the fatter sticks, not the one that actually come inside 
that most wonderful of frozen there's no DNA to be found.
No, no cloning will be done by this craft.

For the coloring...Sharpies; my old standby.

The uses could just be about anything you could think of:
Garden stakes
Mood of the Day Signifiers 
(I'm feeling very Snape today)

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  1. shut the front door!! i am in love with these!!!
    i wants them my precious!!!!!!!


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