Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weasley Family Napkins!

I Finally made something with the super-fantastical thrift store fabric I found a while back!


I decided to make some "Weasley Family Napkins: 1 for each kid in the Burrows"
to enter in the Summer Nerd Wars.

Here are the "name" pins we use so there's no mixing up between 
people. I just use beads with the favorite color and first initial of the "wipe-ie".

It was great before my kids could read, the colors would help them...
Now that they're older the letters work great! 

I wouldn't put it past that excellent Domestic Hero of mine, aka Molly Weasley,
to have this fabric close at hand.
Or wand...

And because I'm a stickler for even numbers,
I had to make 8 Napkins in all.
There are 7 Weasley Kids.

I just couldn't stop myself. 
If they every come for an afternoon tea, I'll just hide the 8th one.

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  1. this post made me happy for many reasons... i love that fabric, the genius napkin labeling system you use, but mostly the idea of the weasley's popping over for tea! maybe i could come too and use the 8th napkin?!?


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