Monday, November 4, 2013

Whovian Perler!

The kids and I were having a grand afternoon of Perler-Palooza, and while I was manning the iron I thought I'd whip these up quick for an "extra" in the recent Doctor Who craftster swap.

I didn't add anything to the back like a magnet or lapel pin, I thought I'd leave that decision up to the recipient. 
I'm so in awe of some of those really huge detailed Perler creations out there...
I just felt crazy accomplished getting these ironed somewhat evenly!

'Couldn't just send them loose, so I took the sleeve my new Union Jack umbrella
came in (who really uses those things anyway?) and sent them in British Style.

I'm currently doing another Who Swap.
Send outs are on November 19th.
In case you didn't know....
It's the Doctor's 50th anniversary.

I'm SO excited!!!!

Ooooo Weeeee Oooooooo!


  1. "all hail the perler bead queen!!!!"

  2. If you add there lapel pins ... it will be looks very cute...!!

    custom pins


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