Friday, January 3, 2014

No Sew Respite Scarves!

Far too often we take on projects that seem to drag on forever...
and ever.

Every once in a while I like to feel crazy accomplished in the shortest time imaginable.

Today I made 2 no sew scarves for the kids,
aren't I amazing?!!?

Will was the instigator of this particular neckwear as he requested a "Luigi" scarf.
He wanted a knitted one and is still under the impression it is indeed....knit.
I'm going to let him go on thinking that.
(He's totally sucking his fingers under that scarf!)

My pal, Melissa supplied the fleece. 
They were scraps from a Scout project for her troop and she was nice enough to 
pass the fleecie goodness to me.
Even more than that, she didn't want Miss Mogan to go "new scarf-less" so 
she included some sassy pink fleece too!

THANKS MELISSA, you're the Hanx to my Scolari!!!

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  1. we're like peas and carrots!

    nice job on the scarves!! and just in time for the deep freeze!


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