Sunday, January 19, 2014

BBC Sherlock Hoopla!

Happy Sherlock Day!
Today is a day I've been waiting for since 2012.
Just about 2 years ago Sherlock Holmes jumped off a building to save his friends.

I'm getting a bit sentimental...
Today is my Superbowl.
(Usually my Superbowl is Oscar Day, but I'm making an exception this year!)

Like yesterday's Basil Kindle Sleeve post this Hoopla was also made for my partner, Camezzo,
in the Sherlock Swap of early 2013.

I decided to do a study in texture (Study in Pink) to spice up the silhouette.

My Sherlockian Plan tonight is to watch the heck out of it.
Since I'm DVR'ing it as well I'm going to watch the heck out of it 
a second time to bask in the glory and maybe pick up some missed things
 from the first watching.

I'm going to do some face stretches as I'm sure I'll have a 
grin on my face for 3 hours straight.

I suppose I'll go to sleep next, then wake up...
and watch it again!

Never mind me, my favorite show has been on hiatus for 2 years.

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  1. sherlock day = best day ever!!!!!!!!!

    i love this hoop so much, the black stitchery is impressive, most impressive.


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