Monday, January 6, 2014

Not your usual Slythrin Hat!

Here's a hat made for the Potter Swap.
Slytherin was my partner's house, so a hat she'd need for 
those cold weather Quidditch Matches!

The pattern was from Charmed Knits and the yarn was from a sweater I 
unraveled years ago just to see if I could.

I wonder if there's a Slytherin Cheer...

You might be good at Potions
You might be good at runes
But when it comes to Quidditch
We kick you in the BROOM!
Say what?
We kick you in the BROOM!
We can't hear you
Go cry in your COMMON ROOM!


1 comment:

  1. did you make that up?!?!
    you're a genius, i love it!!

    oh and the hat is lovely too!
    say what?!?!
    i'll kick you in the broom!!!


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