Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calvin and Hobbes Triple Threat Hoopla!

Calvin and Hobbes.
My favorite!

I had a partner in the Affirmation Swap on Craftster who also was keen
to those spiffy guys!
This was what I stitched up for her.
I chose to leave the smaller 2 hoops in Black and White to 
mimic the "weekday" comics and have the large one be "sunday".
Affirmation Swap Hoopla

The Affirmation she chose and the pinterest board for C and H just clicked together for me.
Those two get into so many fun things and have amazing conviction for all
their shenanigans!
Putting on the Ritz

 This image on my partner's pin board was titled "my favorite" so I had to stitch it!

Close up and personal

As Affirmations themselves, they tend to boost us in some way.
So do I had to do this.
I like big hugs and I cannot lie!

Who doesn't want a big Hobbes Hug?!!?

 This was the BIG hoop in the triptych.
I found this image during a google search and couldn't get it out of my mind. 
Short hair, don't care!
 Most of the fill in stitches are a haphazard all over the place type.
I thought it looked a bit like fur for Hobbes and messy Hair for Calvin.
Grrrr, I dare you to mess with how okay we are with ourselves!
Calvin's teeth we're accomplished with help from my friend Shannon who 
suggested I go with grey for the detail.

She was right! 
I love how the grey creates a slight shadow.
I think black would've been to drastic of a contrast and end up
looking like he had missing teeth.

I really miss these guys brightening my day.
I have some of their books that Will and I share and enjoy and
one of these days I need to crochet up a Hobbes of his own 
for Will adventures.

Who is your favorite Newspaper Comic Strip Hero/Heroine?

These were picked for a Featured Project on Craftster!
Super happiness everywhere!


  1. these are my mostest favorite!!!
    there's nothing in the comic section right now that compares with calvin and hobbes.

    but brian and i do enjoy mocking family circus on a daily basis. seriously, what's wrong with those kids?!?!

  2. Hi Blair,
    I saw these on Craftster and I'd love to feature them in a future Craftster Pick of the Week post. Can you email copies of the pictures to
    I think they're ace - I miss Calvin and Hobbes...
    Thanks! :)

    1. WOW!
      Yes, I will get right on this.

      Thanks a bunch!


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