Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wonder Woman Cape of Wonder!

Sewn up for the Spell Your Name Swap Round 10!
This cape was for her daughter and stood for....
Children's Costume Crime Fighters Cache
(there's a captain america sweater for her son coming to a post near you)

I took the back of a poncho sewing pattern and nixed the hood for my template!

Her dear daughter loves superheroes and what little girl doesn't need her own cape?

Got all crafty with the gold lame (lam-ayyyyy) and a sharpie! 

Happened to have some grosgrain ribbon around for the straps.

I love gingham! 
Maybe she can reverse the cape and be Super Dorothy of Kansas!

I give you....A HAIKU!

Capes are so awesome.
Transforms an ordinary day,
To heroic bliss.


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  1. did that gold lamé fabric come from where i think it did?!?!

    i am loving this cape oh so much! i kinda want one to wear to knitnight!


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