Sunday, July 21, 2013

Star T-Rex Mousepad!

Another entry for the Nerd Games!
45 Points July Randomizer

Here's the prompt:
---RandomizerOur Ancestors  Since the dawn of time, the Nerdyverse has existed.  …guy who invented the wheel, total nerd…. We are going to focus on minds towards the past.  Craft something that either is inspired by our prehistoric past (dinos, cavemen, cave paintings) OR is created from a vintage pattern/method (vintage think 1970s or before).

So, I decided to portray a cave drawing found in Riverside, Iowa...on a mousepad!

I've just been loving the T-Rex Trying Book by Hugh Murphy.
All the simplicity in his art and the hilarity I find in it make for a fun filled day!

Who says the most awesomely awesome dinosaur can't have been a trekkie too?
I say that makes Mr. Rex Science Officer 3.14% awesome-er!

I grabbed a thrift store aquired mousepad, some fabric, my trusty fabric markers, and my new best friend Spray Adhesive. I dare say this is such a fun thing to do, only problem is...

Does anyone other than my kids use mouses (meeces?) anymore?
Just look at Morgan's hand expertly gripping that mouse...
I bet she's solving big world problems on the computer today.

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  1. i think my grandpa still uses a mouse... ha!

    i love this! star t.rex is awesome as is morgie's skills with a mouse!


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