Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shoe-Tyin' Morgan!

So, here's my "1 Clever Idea" for the Summer.
Morgan needs to learn to tie her shoes.
Apparently they test for this in school now, as we've gotten feedback
at Parent/Teacher conferences that she doesn't know how.

This is part of standard testing now?

So, this summer she's been practicing and as an incentive each day she practices
Morgan gets to draw a picture on the shoes with Mommy's Special Sharpies!

I picked up a $5 pair of knock-off Keds from Walmart and some superfun sparkly laces.
This seems to have done the trick.
She's excited to learn, and we have a little personalized momento of this milestone.

We bought her school shoes the other day....
No more lazy Velcro for Ducky!!!

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  1. nice!!
    this *is* such the clever idea! you are indeed a genius mom!
    i hope we'll get to see the finished shoes once morgan is a shoe tying pro!


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