Monday, July 29, 2013

Chihiro Hoopla!

I Stitched this up for my partner DaphadillyArt in the Miyazaki Swap.

For some background, Chihiro is the heroine of the movie "Spirited Away"

In the movie, she is moving to a new town with her parents,
and not too happy about being torn away from everything she knows.
(Let's just say 15 year old me related to this.)

A "short cut" was taken and then the parents are...
otherwise delayed. 
Adventures, of course, ensue.
I wouldn't want to give too much more away as it's a really interesting movie!

Although this is a solid "fill in" stitch, I wanted to do some texture with the stitching.
I tried to mimic how hair falls in layers with alternating chunks of satin stitch.

I hope you check out the movie.
To be warned...
There are some intense parts.
Perhaps not "every" child friendly, but I do know of one little man who LOVES IT!

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  1. her hair is uh-maze-ing!!
    you are fab-o-rific!!


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