Monday, August 5, 2013

Minion Crowns from TP Rolls

How to make Minion Crowns from Toilet Paper Rolls
Silly Minion time occupier.

Every Minion needs a crown, at least that's what Miss Morgan would have you believe...

Materials Needed
Toilet Paper Rolls
McDonald's Happy Meal Minions
Willing Raucous Kids 

1. Get Your Materials rounded up

The TP rolls fit the Happy Meal Minions the best.
I make no promises for other sizes. :D

(Look, they're not smiling!)

2. Cut the TP Rolls in half

3. Take your scissors and cut a zig zag across one edge

Ta Dah!

4. Find your kids and get a'markering (or a'painting, or leave them plain...the Minimal Minion look is HOT for fall!)

5. Sit back and admire the fruits of your labors. (And don't think about how many Happy Meals were consumed to acquire the Minions in the first place.)

The Minions were SO pleased with their new crowns they rejoiced!


This purple one started out okay.

There, you see him and he seems to be having an okay time...

Party Foul!

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  1. ha! minion party in the house!!!!
    what a perfect use for those pesky toilet paper rolls... now i'm looking around my house wondering what else needs a crown!


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