Monday, August 26, 2013

Calcifer Hat!

Here's the Calcifer Hat I made for my craft swap partner, DaphadillyArt's daughter!

Calcifer is a character from the Miyazaki movie "Howl's Moving Castle"

He's a fun little fireplace fire (voiced by Billy Crystal) and a major plot point.
Keep your eye on him, he's feisty!

The yarn used was 3 strands of worsted weight from my stash in yellow, red, and orange.
The pattern was The Longford Hat on
It calls for Bulky, but I wanted to get a flame flickery look so 3 worsted knit together did the trick.

Calcifer's Eyes are 2 circles of white felt haphazardly stitched on with 
white embroidery thread. I needed to do that stitching loosely to 
accommodate for stretching of the hat when worn. 

Buttons for the pupils sewn on a bit wonky...
Because lets face it, Calcifer is indeed 


  1. this is the best thing i've seen all day!!
    love it!!

  2. That is one of my very favourite films! Good choice and the hat is lovely .

    Thanks for popping over to my blog. I have a feeling that we share a similar taste in movies!


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