Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodnight (that's no) Upcycled Marker Caddy!

I sorely needed a place to put my Sharpie collection:
Enter, the Summer Nerd Games for Inspiration Rescue!

June Fandom: Super Fans 45 pts

FandomSuper Fans can tell you every detail, back-story, and aspect of their Geekdom.  Craft like a Super Fan by creating something that is either extremely detailed or has hidden aspects that you must take a closer look at to see.

Inspired by Star Wars Episode 4 when our rogue hero, Han Solo, is

flying the Millennium Falcon toward what he thinks is a small moon...

Here's a little presentation of all 4 sides.

If you peek closely...
Yes Virgina, there IS a Death Star in that window!

Goodnight quiet old Jawa whispering hush...

Goodnight nobody.
(Here's where you can see the Pizza Roll box I haphazardly primed over.)

Goodnight little Wookie.

He's a cute little guy!

Materials used: 
1 Totino's Pizza Roll box 
(the big one from Sam's Club)
Primer Paint
Oil Based Sharpie Markers.

I just love upcycling and crafty "in" jokes!!!

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  1. this turned out wonderfully!!
    i love the little wookie! someone should give him a cookie!


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