Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teen Titans Light Switch Plate!

Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go have become huge around the house.
It's even been decreed I make some costumes for Halloween. 
(we'll see if they're made or bought. eek!)

So when The Nerd Games Battle Royal came up I thought Will 
could use a super cool Lightswitch Plate.

July Battle Royale: DC v/s Marvel 50pts
(Sadly, Marvel won that month.)

I even had to make a few impromptu puppets as
I can't find any reasonably priced action figs for the kids.
Also, any excuse to use the laminator!

Here's an action shot of the Switch Plate.
I decoupaged the "group pic" then used my handy dandy
Oil based Sharpies.
I was very happy how I could get the screws to blend in for 1 color. 


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  1. fantastic!! i bet will is just in teen titan heaven!!
    nice job on the screws... you are one crafty genius, ms. sharpie!!

    love the puppets too! hooray laminator!! hooray for not having to purchase expensive action figures!!


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