Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrift Store Score

This week I went to "The Thrift".
Actually it was Goodwill but my friend Melissa puts the word "the" in front of everything.
I love this practice.

But I digress...

I went to The Goodwill and my favorite find was this:

It's a Cowgirl Bracelet!
Kind of reminiscent of those Italian Charms DIY Dimensional Magic creations.
I loved the images. So fun, and nothing I've ever been drawn to before.

I'm going to take it apart to super clean and restring. After that it's GIDDY UP! TRUCK YEAH!
**That last is a tip of the Cowgirl Hat to my friends Heather and Melissa (same cool chick I mentioned above).


  1. ha! you know... i do enjoy a good trip to the thrift.
    that bracelet is so amazing, i've not yet been to the goodwill, maybe i should go check it out?

    ps - truck yeah right back atcha!

    1. I LOVE the goodwill!
      You should totally go!


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