Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Facebook got me thinking....

Made by me...except the barrel of monkey sock. That was from

"I'm extra proud to be a knitter today! My feet are freezing and I KNOW when I get home there are handknit cozy wool socks waiting for me... And Earl Grey- him hot!!!"

This was just some random thing I posted to facebook yesterday.
Today I can't stop thinking about it.

I AM proud to be a knitter! I'm also proud I taught myself.

I'm proud of the friendships I've made from knitting/crafting.

I'm proud my kids have an appreciation for handmade things. I've even heard the phrase "Oh we could make that" come from my 5yr daughter's mouth.

I'm proud that I can give things a new life through crafting. (most recent example: Morgan's Halloween costume was an adult size 6 dress altered down to a little girl size 6)

Summing up, I'm proud I can feel proud of myself.
Who knew facebook could do that?

Oh, and Earl Grey IS hot!

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