Friday, May 24, 2013

Will luigi hat part 2

Way back at Christmas time, I had made a doubled up dk strand version of this hat. (post link)
It was indeed too small and seemed to make his eyes want to POP out of his head with how we would squeeze that hat atop his head!

A new, bigger hat was in order.
First off I removed the "L" patch. 

totally reusable!

I used a Kermit Green Red Heart yarn which is much closer to Luigi's signature green and the thicker yarn was the answer to the tight squeeze.

His head feels happy!

Loves his Luigi SO much he made Luigi Easter Eggs this year!

Happy Head makes for a happy boy!

There was just no getting around remaking this hat.
I finished it around Easter (hence the eggs) and he's worn it more often than not.

It's so nice to be appreciated in one's own time.


  1. best mom ever!!!!!
    the hat's so nice she made it twice!

  2. Long lives Luigi! Nice work times two!

  3. Your kid is sooo cute!!! Oh, and great job on the hat! :) I don't think I could handle making it a second time.


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