Monday, May 6, 2013

To Boldly Watercolor!

To Boldly Watercolor where I've never watercolored before!

I stretched myself for this one.
Never, never I say, have I really tried to create an image in watercolor before this.
I stumbled onto a youtube tutorial on watercolor pencils and realized I could make more than a big blob of color!

Image from a coloring book page. 
I would LOVE this coloring book. It looked to be from the 1970's Saturday morning cartoon!

These were painted up for the Star Trek V Swap on craftster. I kind of did them as a tiny little extra, but they ended up being one of my favorite things included.

This particular swap had the dubious distinction of being the first ever for me to be lost.
Lost in the mail.
Declared DEAD MAIL.
Sent to Atlanta to be auctioned off because the post office destroyed the box on transit.
I took pictures before I sent so there is some record of crafts made, and forms were filled out to be kept on file with the PO.

There was one thing returned....I'll make that it's own special post because it's...

The Craft Who Lived.
(I know...not the right franchise. I'm going to allow it because I feel it applies. tee hee.)

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  1. woman.
    you are good at everything!
    it's really not fair to the rest of us. just try being bad at *something* *one time.* just try... then the rest of us will know you're mortal.

    fabulous paintings by the way.


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