Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"C" Embroidery Hoop!

This Hoopla was for the Spell Your Name Swap Round 10.

"C" is for Carla....
(Do you have the Cookie Monster song in your head yet?)

I was going to go with either red or blue for the stitching.
I knew I wanted to use this bit of stash fabric and could've gone either way,
but her whole package seemed to be of red/white/blue happenstance and 
the decision was made for me.

An unintended theme of red/white/blue
additional posts to follow...

And now for the back:

I've really been favoring this finishing off method for the backs of hoops.
It could be that it's more of a "mobile project" than other ways to do it.

Except that pesky hot glue.
I have a tendency to slop it up.
Real BAD!

Thanks to The Lisa for supplying the Hoop itself in your stash bust!


  1. I love the blue stitching on that fantastic fabric! I can't help to think of you every time I see a hoop. From now on, I name you hoop girl :)

  2. i'm going to have to be honest here blair, this has to be one of my favorite hoops you've ever ever done! (and that's saying a lot, because you've done some fantastic hoops.)
    i love every thing about it!!


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