Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prizes for sleuthery!

Within the recent post of Thriftin Fun I posed a challenge...
I'd found an object I had no idea of how to identify it...or in other words what the heck it was in the first gall-darned place.
Melissa and Claire were the Super Sleuths!
Here's the breakdown:
Melissa contacted Claire
Claire contacted her Mom
Claire's Mom had owned one and knew exactly what it was!

Here's the prize I gave them for coming to my rescue...with knowledge!
I made Melissa and Claire Stamped Washer Keychains!

I love making these.
It really becomes quite a stress reliever to wield the hammer.
I do recommend ear plugs....
Or listening to a killer podcast. 

While I had all my stampy stuff out I made these two washer necklaces for the LOVELY COUPLE Jenn and Anna who got married last week.

This is the best (unsolicited) advice I can give anyone who takes the plunge.
Kind of cool, the phrase looks great when worn together, 
or can be sported away from the other and each word still works.

Because one can still be connected even if 
not in the same room.

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  1. well there's not much i love more than winning prizes!!!
    thank you blair - i love my keychain!!

    although i have to say the sentiment in jenn and anna's necklaces surpasses my love of prizes for me... what a wonderful and thoughtful wedding gift. love it!


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