Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Misbehavin' Upcycled Glasses Case

Summer Nerd Games: 1st Project!!!!

Challenge: May Randomizer 45 points!

This challenge was all about reusing and recycling.

I decoupaged-up a Hard Glasses Case for Will!

I really channeled my inner "Browncoat" when writing up the description for the games...
My "misbehavin'" son of 4 years old got glasses around Christmas this year and as the summer is upon us, I'm realizin' we need to stash 'em every once in a while. Reckon' with swimmin' and such he needs to take care of those dern thangs.  Wink
I took a hard glasses case we had layin' around here and whipped it up somethin' fierce!

I also hot glued some thin grey bias tape to cover my ragged edges.

Covered up the whole thing with Mod Podge...

and it turned out...


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  1. oh capt'n mal... he's so dreamy...

    love the glasses case! i think this is going to be a very fun summer for us lucky readers of mcmaven haven!! bring on the nerd crafts!!


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