Sunday, November 30, 2014

Upcycled Fingerless Gloves!

So this idea just popped in my head today...
I should be doing other things, 
but I just got too giddy with the notion of a quick little project.

I upcycled my son's "too small" socks into Fingerless Gloves!

Just find some socks around the house.
You know they're there. Just taking up space: in a dust rag or waiting to be donated bin.

These particular socks fit Will when he was 4 years old, if that gives you any indication of sizing.

So I've found my socks, the next step is to cut the toes off.
You don't have to be too exact on this as the raw edge tends to roll.

Then comes the Thumb Hole.
In most of these "Character Socks" the trademark/copyright for said characters is somewhere
on the bottom of the foot. 

If its there, flatten the sock out and grab your sissors again...

I made my hole smaller than I thought would be necessary due to stretchage.
This placement also allows for the Heel to act as the Thumb Gusset. 

Then try on for size!

Yay! You're done!

you want to do a little Blanket Stitch on the raw edges of the Fingers and Thumb.

I opted not to finish off with stitching and just let them be.
I'm not looking at these to become heirlooms 
and it would take away from...
 my lightning fast start to finish time!

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