Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elsa Ami!

Let it Go!
This was hooked up for Grindhousehussy19 in the last Frozen Swap on Craftster.

Elsa is such a favorite,
Halloween became a big game of "How many Elsa Costumes did you see?"!

I think I counted a good 20.

I adapted Sahrit Freud-Weinstein's 
Merida Amigurumi princess doll crochet pattern on Ravelry
to Elsa's look.

Her Cape is just a simple Granny Square in sparkly silver stash yarn
turned on its point and sewn on.

But wow, did I get super carried away with her hair!
I just kept adding and adding and then, 
when done,
I realized I needed to use some serious magic 
to braid the mane of icy wonder.

Enter my fantastic friend of Winter, Melissa!

It was a tough braid to achieve with all
my different length strands going on.

So a big Thank You to Melissa!
You're worth melting for!

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  1. ha!
    i used to be quite the hair braider back in the day...glad to know some skills are still useful :)

    your elsa turned out perfectly. i don't know if i could have sent her out on a swap, i would have had a hard time... letting her go...


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