Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finn and Jake Clock of Mathmatical Awesomeness!

I have always wanted to "alter" a clock...
Just to see if I could.

I made this for GrindHouseHussy19 in the Frozen Swap as an "extra".
We had so many of the same fandomish loves
we'd agreed to do some Frozen goodies 
and also branch out for a few more items.

The details:
This was a $5 Target Clock.
Removing the clock mechanism was relatively easy
needing only a screwdriver (not sonic) and some sass.
The front glass...
not so much.
I cracked it with the removal effort!
I went ahead anyway and painted the original clockface with 
Land of Ooo Sky Blue.
Or, it resembles Finn's shirt color closely too,
think what you will.

Then, lining up the original clockface center hole
with the Finn/Jake image 
I reattatched the clockwork.
I made sure to insert some batteries to make
absolutely sure
the clock hands worked as they should.
I watched it for about 1/2 a day.
Not the whole time,
that would be crazy.
I love crafting, but I don't think I 
could watch just one clock for that long.

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  1. well isn't this fun?!? is there no end to what you can do :)


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