Monday, November 10, 2014

Lego Movie Hoopla Triple Threat!

This seemed to be, above all The Summer of Lego around here.

I have to admit, I love Benny.
His joyfulness to make a spaceship is how I feel about a great deal of things.
Maybe too many things.
Maybe I'm overexcitable?

Morgan, of course was all about WyldStyle and Will had a big thing for Emmet. 
After I first stitched up the Benny Hoopla the kids promptly put their orders in.

Below is a montage of close ups and basically me playing around with an intagram app for the first time.

I've been pretty busy lately, and a lot of crazy creatively awesome
things have been going on.

My sincerest apologies for leaving this blog for so long.
But no fear, the creativeness has (for the most part) been
captured for future blog posts!

I also have a serious backlog of Craftster Swap items 
to post for posterity.
(Even if it's for my own enjoyment.)

But, on a fun side note, I looked at my Stats on 
here and my Lalaloopsie crocheted hats have 
been viewed 124 times from France today!

One word to leave you with:

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