Friday, November 14, 2014

Basket full of Brighten Your Day!

Last January, 
(I told you I had a huge backlog of posts)
I got partnered up with the Amazing SonjaBoo 
in the Box of Sunshine Swap. 

She needed a fabric basket and I couldn't NOT make her one!

The Box of Sunshine Swap was so much fun.
It was way deep in winter and the rules were simple...
You could fill up a box with anything the color Yellow or Orange.
A box of cheerfulness.

What a great idea, I hope there's another one this year!

The tutorial is from Leslie's Art and Sew.

I have sewn this particular basket several times.
I give a lot of credit for that to Leslie's great tute.

I came to know her as Leslieshappyheart, through her organizing Craftster Swaps.
She and her friend (Susanab) would coorganize the most 
positive, and creative idea cultivating swaps.

For the most part, they would offer an idea (and 
even a pattern or link for a tutorial) and the participants 
would go off their partner's tastes and everyone would
essentially craft the same item but every one was totally unique. 

They were the ones who introduced me to Ninnys.
Please check out the Ninny Tutorial over at Revoluzzza: Revoluzzza Blog 

I certainly attribute my sewing skills beyond pillows to them.

They haven't organized a swap for a long time and I miss them.
On Partner Day Susanab would post a scrolling text about dancing, 
calling it her "partner dance".

So, I want to thank them for their providing a 
super positive place on Craftster and how they attracted
many possible people.

I think it takes someone special to do something like that.

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  1. great basket! i love how the outside fabric is reminiscent of ricrack!


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