Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watson Wedding Tea Wallet!

A Tea Wallet can save your life.
But it takes John Watson to save your life.
I'm calling this the John Watson/Mary Morstan Wedding Tea Wallet!

As those who know me, 
and those who read this blog have probably 
caught on to, I have an obsession with BBC Sherlock.

(Stick with me here... I'm going to make the naming of my tea wallet reference work)

In the 3rd series/2nd episode our lovely John Watson weds Mary Morstan.
The venue for the wedding is GORGEOUS! 
All in pale yellows.

In Sherlock's Best Man speech,
 (watch this please, it's nothing short of amazing and takes most of the episode :) )
he centers around the theme of 
"Sherlock solves the crime, but John saves the life".

Tea on the go has saved me many times.
As a recent-ish devotee to tea, I'm still super particular 
about which ones I like.
It's great to just reach into my purse and have my favorites
at hand rather than force down a blend I'm not familiar with.
Also, I've cut caffeine out completely (whew!)
so to have a tea I like and be decaf just "available" at a
moments notice is the best!

So, this yellow hued Tea Wallet I dedicate to that most epic of Best Man Speeches.
(I still tear up when I watch it, and I watch it a LOT!)

The details:
I stitched this up originally for SonjaBoo in the Box of Sunshine Swap.
I had enough fabric to make a twin for myself (YAY!).
The tutorial was found at Handmade Therapy: (Here's the link it's GREAT!)

Just for giggles, I'll include another favorite part of mine in his speech:

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  1. love the tea wallet... but i'll be honest, i got totally distracted by that gif.... meow!


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